Illinois Park District Gymnastics Conference

The IPDGC was founded in 1980 as a means to provide an alternative recreational gymnastics competition arena to local Parks and Recreation gymnastics and dance programs.  Since its inception, we have grown to over 20 area park districts participating in our various divisions.

We offer recreational competitions for boys and girls, starting as young as 3-years old.  Many of our gymnasts start with our Tumbling division, which introduces the younger athlete to competition and memorization of routines.  In our compulsory division, the gymnasts learn a specific routine that they are judged on their technique and form upon.  In our optional division, the gymnasts have the freedom to create their own routines following specific criteria for each apparatus.

We introduced a Drill Team division in 2003, which includes Cheer, Dance, Poms, and Baton.  As of 2017, the Drill Team Division craeted a new conference dedicated solely to Drill Team Competitions. Please contact Karen C. at Joliet Park District to learn more!

The IPDGC places a strong emphasis on the enjoyment of a recreational activity, and not the outcome of the competition.  We have always believed in our core ideology of "Students First: Winning Second."


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Our conference is constantly growing. We welcome all inquiries from area park districts / rec teams to join our conference in any of our divisions: Girls Compulsory gymnastics, Girls Optional gymnastics, Co-Ed Tumbling, and our Drill Team division.